Advantage Health Centers | Crain’s company in Detroit

Integrated models of care have a fiscal impact by reducing costs and increasing efficiency for patients, clinicians and insurance payers. Patients save time and money by having their appointments in one place with the option of concurrent appointments, if needed. Eliminating the need for duplicate tests and examinations, while producing collaborative treatment plans, can increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery, thereby reducing costs.

More effective health care is a major driver of the integrated care model when barriers to health care services are reduced in the integrated care model. Community health centers across the country that are considered federally licensed health centers often offer medical, behavioral health, and dental services. With locations in Detroit and Warren, Advantage Health Centers has a long history of offering pharmacy services as part of its integrated care model. Although the referral process can be confusing to patients, more often than not the referral provider in an integrated care facility is down the hall, in the same building, or works for the same organization. Referrals can be made to other primary care services, and clinicians can easily collaborate in person or using the electronic medical record.

Maria J. Book