Brazilian Ministry of Health website hit by hacker attack and down systems

BRASILIA, December 10 (Reuters)The Brazilian health ministry’s website was hit on Friday by a hacker attack that destroyed several systems, including one containing information about the national immunization program and a second used to issue digital immunization certificates, said the Ministry.

“The Ministry of Health reports that in the early hours of Friday, it suffered an incident which temporarily compromised some of its systems (…) which are currently unavailable,” he said in a statement.

The Institutional Security Bureau and the Federal Police were called after the attack. According to the police, an investigation has been opened into the case.

The suspected hackers posted a message on the website saying that internal data had been copied and deleted. “Contact us if you want to retrieve the data,” he said, including contact details for the email and telegram.

The message had been deleted on Friday morning, but the web page was still down, while the user data in the ConectSUS app was gone.

The ministry said it was working on restoring its systems.

(Reporting by Lisandra Paraguassu; Writing by Gabriel Araujo; Editing by Mark Porter)

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