Chinese health products to expand to Liberia

By Lewis S. Teh

A Nigerian pharmacist, Adebayo Temenu, has revealed plans to introduce a Chinese medical product to Liberia to combat various ailments.

Dubbed Lilong Infrared Spectrum Energy Product, Mr. Adebayo said once it gets here, the product will ensure the well-being of the vast majority of Liberians.

“We are confident that when these products arrive in Liberia, it will not only solve complicated health issues, but will further ensure the well-being of the vast majority of citizens,” he explained.

Speaking at a press conference at the Liberia Press Union headquarters in Monrovia recently, he said that manufacturer Lilong specializes in technology research and development, manufacturing, training, teaching and marketing.

According to him, the main brand of Lilong follows the principle of nature, health and technology on the basis of sunlight, air and food which he believes will help improve health and consumers’ quality of life at home.

Mr. Adebayo named Lilong’s main brand, including Far Infrared Spectrum Energy Room, Far Infrared Spectrum Energy Bucket, Hydrogen-rich Water Flask, Noni Juice and Powder black soybeans.

When asked if his company had obtained permission from the Liberian health authorities, specifically the Ministry of Health, to operate, he replied that they had written to the ministry, but he had replied.

He praised the Lilong infrared spectrum energy product which has not yet arrived in Liberia for its ability to quickly resolve many health complications for people in Nigeria and other countries.

He said it was in this context that the company felt it prudent to expand its operations in Liberia to help address the health issues of people facing multiple issues.

“If we can take care of any problem that troubles the blood, you definitely make this man live, because you will prevent evil from tempering with his blood.”

He continued that his company is bringing something to Liberia that will extend the lives of citizens, noting that Lilong’s infrared spectrum products are something that can ensure that people will live well and disease-free.

He said as long as Liberians made themselves available to receive the therapy, their health condition would improve.

Mr. Adebayo said that the infrared spectrum energy bucket room is well equipped with a large area of ​​carbon crystal far infrared spectrum heating plate, which is the important material of the crystal far infrared spectrum heating plate. of carbon. Editing by Jonathan Browne

Maria J. Book