Community health centers near me. How to find one

Looking for a community health center?

The centers provide a variety of affordable primary and preventive care services to millions of people each year in the United States who have limited access to health care. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for your essential medical needs:

People can get checked and see a doctor whenever they feel sick. They can seek treatment for certain conditions such as asthma and diabetes, undergo health checks and get vaccinated against COVID-19 and other viruses as well. Dental, mental health and pharmacy services are also generally available.

Anyone can get care at a health center whether or not they have insurance, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Patients pay for services based on their income (also known as a sliding scale) and no one is denied care based on their ability to pay, according to the agency.

The federal government has also tapped health centers to help distribute free N95 masks to people during the COVID-19 pandemic because of their ability to reach underserved communities. Most health center patients are uninsured or publicly insured, are from minority groups, and are considered to be at the federal poverty level.

Here’s how to find a center near you:

How to find a community health center

The Florida Association of Community Health Centers has an online locator that lets you search for a health center by address, zip code, center name, or county. Search results will include the centre’s name, address, phone number, hours of operation and list of services offered.

POINT: If the locator does not load, click on “Show search criteria” so that it appears.

Another option is to use the online national health center locator available from the Health Resources and Services Administration. This locator will allow you to search for a center anywhere in the United States. Use your device’s GPS to find a location, or search by city, postcode, or address. You can also search by center name.

Search results will include the centre’s name and operator, address, phone number, distance from you and a link for directions. You can also download a PDF listing the top 25 centers that appear in your search results.

Both locators include federally funded health centers and similar centers. Similar centers are health centers that do not receive federal grants and rely on other funds to operate, such as Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and patient fees.

It should be noted that not all centers listed in the federal and Florida-specific locators are eligible to participate in the free distribution of N95 masks.

For a list of centers registered for N95 mask deployment, visit the Health Resources and Services Administration website. Select retail pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Walmart are also offering free masks, while supplies last.

If you have questions about the National Locator, call the HRSA Contact Center at 877-464-4772 (TTY: 877-897-9910), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

This story was originally published February 10, 2022 06:00.

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