Concern about the legitimacy of online health products

Facebook has become one of the most easily accessible popular social media platforms for everyone in Brunei. Apart from serving its purpose of connecting people around the world, Facebook has proven to be a platform used by online retailers to promote and sell various products and services, from favorites to groceries.

However, I am concerned about some online vendors selling health products, especially adult ‘enhancing’ drugs, which I doubt have Ministry of Health (MoH) approval and certification.

Various pills, oils and paraphernalia are promoted brazenly which leaves the question of its legitimacy and whether these products are safe for consumption without causing any harmful side effects.

This is bad enough, the photos that come with the adult products are very suggestive and I cringe at the thought of kids stumbling upon one of the inappropriate messages. It makes you wonder how the products arrived in the country without being subject to customs controls.

I hope the authorities will look into this matter because as harmless as it may seem, it could degenerate into something more serious.

Worried Facebook user

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Maria J. Book