Four CT Community Health Centers Receive Nearly $3 Million in US Bailout Funding

Four community health centers in southwestern Connecticut will receive nearly $3 million in U.S. bailout funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Congressman Jim Himes announced Tuesday.

Optimus Health Care will receive $1,028,990, Southwest Community Health Center will receive $790,015, Norwalk Community Health Center will receive $632,220 and Family Centers will receive $514,168.

Health center funding will be used to improve, expand and modify facilities.

“The federal funding we have secured ensures that our community health centers have the infrastructure, technology and equipment they need to provide the highest level of care,” Himes said in a statement.

Optimus Health Care Acting Chief Executive Officer Karen Daley said in a statement that the grant will be used to expand office space to increase access to behavioral health services.

“The pandemic has created an even greater need for behavioral health services, especially for vulnerable populations served by Optimus,” Daley said. “This grant will allow Optimus to continue supporting its mission to provide health care services, including behavioral health services, to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.”

Mollie Melbourne, president and CEO of Southwest Community Health Center, said the funds will be used to modernize the facility’s care delivery system across the organization.

Kenneth Waller, CEO of Norwalk Community Health Center, said the money will be used for a state-of-the-art phone system and new and improved medical equipment.

Family Centers Health Director Dennis Torres said in a statement that the funds will allow the facility to invest in equipment, technology and infrastructure updates.

The American Rescue Plan Act was a $1.9 trillion bill aimed at combating COVID-19 and mitigating economic damage to the American people. The plan also helps finance the administration of vaccines.

Maria J. Book