Georgian Ministry of Health registers 2,188 people for blood donations for Ukraine

Nearly 2,200 people have signed up for Georgia’s Health Ministry initiative to donate blood to Ukrainian citizens amid Russia’s invasion of the country, the ministry said on Friday.

The health authority has opened the registration of blood donors to assist those injured during the ongoing hostilities as part of government support initiatives, with the ministry also announcing its hotline for this purpose on March 4.

Blood donors were asked to call the hotline via the number 1505 or register at to offer their support. The ministry said it would then contact those registered and invite them to their nearest collection point to donate blood for delivery to patients in Ukraine, if needed.

On February 28, Georgian Health Minister Zurab Azarashvili said his ministry had contacted the relevant Ukrainian agency to provide blood donations to the country, adding that the supplies were not needed immediately.

Azarashvili said that the Georgian side still ships a certain mass of erythrocytes from existing supplies with cargo to Ukraine. “It will help dozens of Ukrainians, if needed,” Azarashvili told reporters.


The minister also said that the Georgian side will consider sending doctors if Ukraine expresses the need.

All Ukrainian citizens currently residing in Georgia are provided with free emergency medical services, based on a decree of the Georgian Government. Covid-19 tests, treatment in Covid clinics and pandemic vaccination are also provided free of charge to citizens of Ukraine. The aid program applies to all Ukrainian nationals who arrived in Georgia between February 1 and February 23.

Photo: Ministry of Health.

Since the start of hostilities in Ukraine last month, the Georgian government has allocated GEL 1 million ($315,457/€279,842) from its reserve fund to help Ukrainians affected by the ongoing Russian invasion. The decision was taken by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, who signed the aid delivery decree. The funds were allocated to the Georgia Department of Health to purchase medical supplies.

In addition, a few days ago, a humanitarian aid package for Ukraine was collected across Georgia following a decision by the Prime Minister, with 100 tons of aid ready to be sent to the country against the backdrop of Russian invasion. The aid package includes medicines, first aid kits, baby food, hygiene items and other products.

Photo: Government Administration

Maria J. Book