Health Ministry sets guidelines for New Year celebrations

The Ministry of Health issued guidelines to help people prevent the spread of Covid-19 and bird flu as well as food and alcohol poisoning during Khmer New Year celebrations in mid-April.

“The ministry encourages all people to follow this simple advice to protect themselves and their families. . . of Covid-19 and other diseases,” he said in a statement.

The guidelines, released Jan. 24, say many people celebrate the ancestral feast by buying poultry, some of which may be trafficked. This could pose a risk of bird flu transmission if proper preventative measures are not taken.

The guidelines also mentioned the Covid-19 situation, in particular the Omicron variant which is actively circulating in many countries around the world.

The ministry said that despite the Kingdom’s success in weathering the pandemic, Omicron’s highly transmissible strain still requires everyone to be on their toes.

Health Minister Mam Bun Heng reiterated his appeal to the people to remain vigilant against Omicron, bird flu and other diseases.

“On the occasion of the upcoming Khmer New Year, everyone should work together to prevent health problems that can be caused by food or alcohol poisoning,” he said.

Bun Heng said health measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing should be practiced. He recommended that the public continue to avoid crowded places, especially those without good air circulation.

He also urged the public to wash their hands with soap and water after contact with rodents, poultry or other objects that may be a source of contamination, and to adhere to food safety best practices by cooking food well before consumption.

“Avoid contact with livestock or direct contact with animals in poultry farms and markets, entry into slaughterhouses or contact with surfaces contaminated with manure, poultry or other animals”, did he declare.

“Avoid traffic jams or crowds in markets or shops or on the day of celebrations,” he added.

The minister recommended that local authorities assign management forces to monitor and guide the implementation of protective measures, especially in farms and markets with live poultry, to avoid an outbreak of bird flu in the region. community.

“Common symptoms include fever over 38.5°C, cough and shortness of breath, and a history of contact with sick or dead poultry 14 days before the onset of fever and respiratory indicators. Please call the emergency number 115 and hurry to the nearest hospital if a case of bird flu is suspected,” he said.

There must also be inspections to determine whether people are following safeguards, including the three do’s and three don’ts, and whether food safety standards are being met. Inspections of wine or wine production sites should also be carried out to ensure that the organizers or producers are following the correct procedures in not adding methanol to their products.

As of January 24, Cambodia had registered over 120,000 Covid-19 cases, including a total of 214 Omicron community cases.

Maria J. Book