Health trends to try in 2022

Unrealistic beauty standards have become a growing concern for people, especially now that there is a filter for just about any look you want. To combat this nefarious trend, some women are turning to a more natural look for 2022 (via Shiny). This new focus on skin care and health by wearing less makeup and going for more streamlined everyday looks is a sign that women are taking back control of their beauty and sanity.

Alicia Keys promoted the no-makeup movement in 2017 when she posted a personal essay on Lenny’s letter on her decision to be more confident in her natural appearance. Keys said she started to feel that without makeup, “I wasn’t good enough for the world to see it. It started to manifest on many levels, and it wasn’t healthy.”

Since then, more and more women have joined us in wearing lighter makeup or skipping makeup altogether, in order to regain self-confidence and protect their sanity. After all, psychiatrist Dr Josie Howard said In the style, “People start to expect them to look like their filtered selves and can become obsessed with achieving this in the real world, which leaves them depressed, anxious, alone and disappointed.” So, it may be worth it to embrace your imperfections and stop reaching for something that is unattainable.

Maria J. Book