J&J booster injections available for people over 18 from Friday: Ministry of Health – SABC News

The Department of Health said Johnson and Johnson’s booster shots will be available from Friday for people over 18 who received their first J&J vaccine at least two months ago.

It comes after the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) approved the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as a coronavirus booster vaccine for people over 18.

Earlier this month, the SAHPRA also approved the Pfizer vaccine as a booster shot – six months after the second dose of the vaccine.

Department of Health Deputy Director General Dr Nicholas Crisp said: “Johnson and Johnson are single dose, not double dose and the period they were boosted is two months. Between two and six months after the primary vaccination, that is, from last night when we turned on the system, people who received one from Johnson and Johnson can now go to any vaccination site and receive a second dose which is now a booster dose. . “

“70% vaccination target not met”

The department says it is disappointing that a target that was set to vaccinate at least 70% of the population has not been met. He says the number of people taking the jabs has drastically reduced.

“We made 27.5 million doses of the vaccine and about 17 million people were vaccinated. So the good news is that while we didn’t make it to the 70% adult level, we enjoyed reaching it at this time of year. The good news is that we have reached a large number of the elderly and we know that the elderly are more vulnerable. “

Understanding the purpose of Covid-19 booster injections with Dr Linda-Gail Bekker:

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