Ministry of Health advises people affected by flooding from playing with or wading in flood water | Malaysia

The Ministry of Health’s infographic on the nine measures to prevent flood-related diseases.

KUCHING, December 26 – People affected by flooding have been advised against playing with or wading in flood water that is contaminated.

In giving the advice, the Department of Health (MoH), via an infographic shared yesterday on the state Department of Health’s official Facebook page, said it would to some extent prevent victims from becoming infected with flood-related illnesses.

“Flood water is contaminated by waste from septic tanks as well as by excrement and animal corpses,” said the Ministry of Health.

The ministry also advised everyone involved in any fire drill to use personal protective equipment such as gloves, boots and life jackets.

The health ministry said people should wash themselves down with clean water if they have come into contact with flood water.

He added that they must also wash their hands properly and always adhere to high standards of hygienic practices.

“Don’t shower or wash anything or your food using flood water, but always opt for clean water and bottled water for drinking and washing food. “

The ministry also urged everyone to keep the evacuation centers clean and hygienic to avoid turning them into breeding ground for flies and rats.

He advised everyone to use personal protective equipment such as gloves and boots when engaged in post-flood cleanup.

“Do not hesitate to see a doctor if you experience a fever within 30 days of the cleaning task,” added the Ministry of Health.

On Thursday, the director of MetMalaysia Sarawak, Haburi Hamdan, advised the public to make the necessary preparations for possible floods and landslides.

He said continued rains were forecast in the state from December 27-29, especially along the western part of Sarawak due to the rising monsoon. – Borneo Post

Maria J. Book