Ministry of Health refuses purchase of COVID vaccines due to war

Ukraine’s Health Ministry has refused to purchase COVID vaccines due to the war and will allocate resources to purchase goods for wartime medical needs, Health Minister Viktor Liashko said.

“We don’t buy at all now. Everything that was supplied was paid for, then we stopped buying a vaccine against COVID-19. Today it’s hard to say if it’s good or bad, but this is only a response to the situation that has developed in the health sector due to a large-scale invasion by the Russian Federation,” he said in a statement. interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Liashko noted that the Ministry of Health will direct its efforts towards the supply of tourniquets, hemostatic and surgical equipment, the purchase of operating tables, cardiographs, ultrasound machines, anesthesia and breathing machines. – “everything needed today in operating rooms, for traumatologists”.

“For example, many ventilators were purchased to fight COVID-19, but today ventilators are also needed, but they are already asking for automated ventilators of a different export class, in order to reduce the involvement of resuscitators,” he said.

Liashko said vaccination against COVID-19 continues. In particular, 350,000 people were vaccinated in March and about 90,000 were vaccinated in April.

Maria J. Book