Ministry of Health unveils ICMR/DHR policy on biomedical innovation

The policy will ensure multidisciplinary collaboration, foster startup culture, and develop an innovation-driven ecosystem in medical institutes.

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Mansukh Mandaviya along with State Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Bharti Pravin Pawar launched the ICMR/DHR policy on biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship for health professionals, scientists and technologists in the medical, dental, paramedical institutes/colleges.

According to the policy, medical professionals/doctors will be encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial ventures by setting up start-up companies, occupying an ancillary position in the company – non-executive director or scientific advisor.

Physicians will also be allowed to undertake inter-agency and industry projects alone or through companies, to license technologies to commercial entities leading to commercialization, revenue generation for self-sufficiency and societal benefit .

Healthcare professionals will also be allowed to take a sabbatical for the translation and commercialization of their innovation through the creation of their start-up after the authorization of the institute.

The policy will promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation, technology development, skills development and foster the development of entrepreneurship and the development of products made in India for the benefit of society. DHR-ICMR has formulated this policy in consultation with other government departments/ministries/organizations such as DPIIT, DST, WIPO, DSIR, AIIMS, IIT Delhi, etc.

Maria J. Book