Ministry of Health warns against fake drugs to treat C-19

Amid dwindling supply of Molnatris (Molunpiravir 200mg) capsules, used for home treatment, the Ministry of Health is also concerned about contaminated or counterfeit products and has issued a directive banning the sale and distribution of unapproved Covid-19 drugs.

Health ministry spokeswoman Or Vandine said yesterday that the ministry would crack down on all pharmacies that sell counterfeit drugs or try to persuade customers to buy different drugs instead of the government-recommended drug.

“If any pharmacies are doing this, please stop immediately,” she said.

In an exclusive interview with Khmer timemany witnesses claimed they were taking the fake medicine because it is not in the same box or container as the government recommended medicine.

Among these witnesses, Sary Rachana, who is infected with Omicron and is undergoing home treatment, said yesterday that she bought two boxes for $75 each from a pharmacy in Tuol Tompoung commune, but the medicine box is orange. and she fears it will affect her negatively. health.

Pok Touch, 45, said yesterday he bought drugs from a pharmacy in Takhmao town for $78 a box. The box is green and he was convinced that it is from the United States and is better than the blue one which is recommended by the ministry.

“The one from the ministry is cheaper than this one,” he said.

Maria J. Book