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You can receive instant payday pay even if you have no permanent employment. Most companies require their customers to have any “income”, but do not specify its source.

Because of this, you will get a loan if you have a pension, retirement or other cash benefits. You may also be unemployed, but have other sources of income, e.g. renting a flat. For the lender, it doesn’t matter how you maintain yourself.

Even if you work in the dark – you can enter in the application that you make a living from odd jobs and achieve a certain income. Such information will not automatically reject the application.

Lack of employment is not the main reason for rejecting loan applications


In some cases, the lender will ask you to provide additional documents (e.g. printout of operations on a bank account). For online payday loans – you can opt for automatic verification. From the customer panel of the selected company, you will log in to your electronic banking. Then the algorithm will evaluate the operations on your account and issue an appropriate assessment.

Remember that applying for a loan is always free. Therefore, you risk nothing.

You can apply for payday loans on such terms in any large company, e.g.

Payday loans for the unemployed and the indebted

Payday loans for the unemployed and the indebted

The situation can be more complicated if you are unemployed and have entries in the register of debtors (eg BIG, KRD). Don’t believe the information given in the ads. Each loan company checks these records. The only exceptions are secured loans or payday loans with a guarantor.

Registry names are different (some companies check BIK, some Erif) – but the information network is now so developed that it does not matter.

For example: you took a loan from a Provident, you did not pay it back and you came to BIK. Then you find an advertisement for another payday loan – say Vivus – theoretically without checking in BIK. When submitting the application, you also agree to share your data to check the collections of other loan companies (in the case of Vivus there are as many as 34 external entities). One of these entities will definitely be connected with Provident’s internal database – as a result the lender will find out about the outstanding payday.

Why, then, the companies advertise themselves with a lack of checks in BIK? Because such entries do not preclude making money from selling loans. From the point of view of a loan company – this information only means that the transaction will be more risky. As a result, the customer may receive a smaller loan amount than the one entered on the application – or the duration of the contract will be shortened.

No large loan company automatically rejects applications from unemployed persons and debtors entered in the registers. Each application is considered individually. It all depends on the current financial situation of the applicant.

Do you want to learn more? Read how payday loans check employment.

Online payday loans


Internet payday loans are the most convenient method of accessing additional funds on your account. In this case, you log in to the website of the selected company, verify the account – you submit the application – and then the money is transferred to your bank account. The whole procedure can take several minutes, and you will receive money without leaving your home.

Applications from the unemployed are considered in the same way as from employed persons. The fact that you have no permanent employment does not mean that you don’t have a chance to pay.

Most loan companies give up income and employment certification. Currently, most of the information provided in the application operates on the basis of a customer statement.

Online payday loans are completely secure. In addition, a distance loan agreement is no different from the classic one. Remember to carefully assess your financial standing before entering into a contract.