Plant-based condiments take inspiration from health trends and attract superfoods

Few food trends are as intertwined as healthy eating and plant-based cuisine. Consumers say nutritional value is the #1 reason they choose a vegetarian or vegan dish, according to Technomic 2021 Center of the plate: seafood and vegetarian report.

And just as plant-based eating gives consumers the ability to include more healthy foods in their diet, it also gives retailers the ability to offer products that meet both needs at once: ingredients for meatless meals packed with nutrient-dense “superfoods.”

Bandages drive sales

As consumers buy vegetarian options at the supermarket, sauces and condiments have big appeal. According to a 2020 report from the Good Food Institute, herbal condiments and dressings sales were up $81 million year-over-year, or 123% of year-ago dollar sales. Likewise, Technomic’s May 2022 New menu trends spotlights sauces and condiments made from superfood nuts and seeds as a driver of innovation in plant-based eating.

For example, tahini, which is known to many as the ingredient that gives hummus its creaminess and nutty flavor, is made from sesame seeds, a superfood rich in calcium, protein, fiber, iron and more. essential vitamins that make it particularly attractive to consumers. in search of nutrient-dense plant-based foods. Tahini strikes a balance between affordability and novelty, offering maximum versatility while giving consumers the ability to refresh their favorite recipes in a snap.

keep it simple

Convenience also plays a major role in the appeal of sauces and condiments – plant-based dressings can add lots of flavor and nutrition to cereal bowls, salads and other healthy recipes. In restaurants, top applications for tahini according to Ignite Menu data include falafel, veggie sandwiches, veggie bowls, hummus, and other vegetable dips, and consumer home uses are likely similar. A nod to Mediterranean cuisine, tahini may help meet consumer demand for global, plant-based dishes that combine novelty and accessibility.

It can be helpful for merchandising to address these consumer priorities; try offering recipe inspiration for plant-based dishes with a global twist, or highlight the ease of use with plant-based condiments as a quick addition to healthy meals at home.

And, of course, choosing the right products to give away is also crucial. Tahini from Mighty Sesame Co., a Kayco brand, offers tahini in a number of convenient formats, including jars for easy use in recipes as well as squeeze bottles to add directly to salads, sandwiches and more. Varieties include whole-seed tahini and creamy organic tahini, each made with sesame seeds as the only ingredient, as well as harissa tahini for a perfectly spiced twist.

Mighty Sesame Tahini is as versatile as it is easy to use in consumer favorite plant-based meals. To learn more, visit

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Maria J. Book