Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health launches breastfeeding training program

Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health launches breastfeeding training program

Castries, Saint Lucia: The government of Saint Lucia, while continuing its training program for effective breastfeeding, has invited pregnant women and mothers of newborns to learn new skills.

Pregnant women and mothers of newborns and young babies in the Canarias district are supported with the skills for effective breastfeeding. More than 12 moms and two dads are present for this training.

Participants are guided through the benefits of breastfeeding, positioning options for breastfed babies, healthy eating while breastfeeding, and the emotional and psychological journey of breastfeeding. Testimonials were shared by mothers who have breastfed to enable the sharing of experiences.

This activity is part of the series of activities in the communities for the observation of this year’s breastfeeding week undertaken by the departments of community nursing, nutrition and health education. This finding aims to promote breastfeeding as the sole source of nutrition during the first six months of a baby’s life.

Baby-friendly product packaging was presented to attendees. We express our gratitude to the corporate partners and donors who have supported the gift packages offered to moms and babies.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare and Saint Lucia celebrated Breastfeeding Month and launched the training initiative. They visited various constituencies and regions to interact with expectant mothers and mothers of newborn babies. They give them special training so that babies can receive effective nutrition that helps them lead healthy lives.

While acknowledging the importance of breastfeeding in a child’s life, the Saint Lucia Ministry of Health advised women to join the training program. They also highlighted the importance of other beneficial health protocols for newborns.

Last week, the Saint Lucia Ministry of Health traveled to Vieux-Fort to engage with local women in a session.

The Department of Health continues to educate on the importance of breastfeeding. This time, pregnant women and breastfeeding women from Vieux-Fort had the opportunity to participate in a session rich in knowledge.

Maria J. Book