Sponsored: Peak Vista Community Health Centers Continue to Service Southeast Colorado Springs | News

Peak Vista Community Health Centers have 28 sites that provide primary medical, integrated behavioral health, and dental services in the Pikes Peak area and the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

In addition to now providing telecare appointments for medical and behavioral health services, the organization serves more than 93,000 patients per year at 28 outpatient clinics in Colorado.

Recently, the organization opened its 29th location in downtown Colorado Springs, but its Jet Wing location, which opened in 2019, is still making waves with the service it provides in zip code 80916.

“Before Peak Vista arrived, there was no medical center that offered services to people in this community,” says Danita Martinez, director of clinical operations at the Jet Wing Health Center.

The mission of Peak Vista Community Health Centers is to provide exceptional health care to those facing access barriers through clinical and educational programs, and that is exactly what they are doing in the south. -east of Colorado Springs. More than 7,400 patients at the Jet Wing site had already been seen at other Peak Vista facilities prior to the site’s opening, totaling more than half of the health centre’s total patient population. The location is right next to a bus stop, which makes it convenient for people with transportation issues.

Christine Laramée, PA-C. and Nicole Workman, NP, say the uniqueness of Peak Vista is that it provides access where there were previously barriers for many demographics. Many people in the area can now walk to the center and take their medications, see their primary care provider, see a dentist and benefit from integrated behavioral health care.

“I have found it really rewarding to treat patients who might not be able to find care elsewhere,” says Workman. “People are always so grateful that we can help them. ”

“It makes your job enjoyable and very useful helping people who otherwise might not be able to find the health care they need,” says Laramee.

Workman also says the centers are helping break down the stigma surrounding mental health by integrating their integrated behavioral health services, allowing more people to access mental health care.

“We have several behavioral health care providers at the Jet Wing site that we can partner with the team,” says Workman. “They can come for medical visits if necessary, and patients can ask for that help. It’s internally here every day.

After collecting data and researching the area, officials said they chose the location of Jet Wing to minimize the void, especially for marginalized populations, in community 80916. There was a significant shortage of suppliers health care facilities nearby, which made it very difficult for people with mobility problems and for those who have difficulty finding transportation to access care.

“I think it’s something very special that Peak Vista provides care for these patients who have so many barriers,” said Workman.

Since opening, the Jet Wing site has served more than 11,000 people and, since the start of the pandemic, has vaccinated more than 15,000. The COVID-19 vaccine is available at all Peak Vista sites and officials of Peak Vista are encouraging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Peak Vista celebrates the diversity of its patients. In order to meet the needs of more people, 70% of Jet Wing’s medical staff speak Spanish. Forty percent of the people seen at the Jet Wing center identify as Hispanic or Latin.

“More specifically, on the Jet Wing site, we have a strong Spanish-speaking population,” explains Martinez. “It really helps that the majority of our staff at this location speak Spanish. It really does make a connection.

Officials say Peak Vista’s community health centers, including the Jet Wing location, provide more than just medical services, they provide comprehensive services. In addition to providing medical, dental and behavioral health services, Peak Vista Community Health Centers also offer care coordination services, transportation assistance, and even a connection to housing services.

Last year, the El Paso County Social Services Department opened a satellite site at the Jet Wing site. This allows people to bring documents and documents to apply for benefits. The location can share information about benefits for individuals and families who may be eligible. The Jet Wing Health Center is the third location in the county that can process Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. Officials say this addition really completed her model of whole-person care.

Peak Vista Community Health Centers have proudly served the community since 1971 – 50 years. To celebrate, they are having an open house on Tuesday, October 19, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Jet Wing site, 1815 Jet Wing Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80916.

There will be free refreshments, games, a chance to meet the healthcare team, information on how to become a patient and more!

Maria J. Book