The Fiji Times » $1 million in supplies for Fiji’s Ministry of Health

Equal Med, a charity based in the United States of America, on Friday provided medical supplies worth just over $1 million to Fiji’s Department of Health and Diabetes.

The NGO’s representative in Fiji, Selvin Prasad, said a 40ft container full of supplies arrived two weeks ago.

“Every year it comes, so last year it came around September with a value of over $1 million and we’ve been doing it with the ministry since 2013,” he said.

This year, Equal Med provided over 30 glucometers, 100 ketone monitoring kits, 10,000 glucose monitoring strips, 30,000 ketone monitoring strips, over 30,000 lancets and some personal protective equipment.

CEO and Founder Nivita Sharma, in a video message, said they have been working with Diabetes Fiji since 2017.

“Since then, we have identified the needs of adult and pediatric patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

“Previously, we donated supplies to equip the diabetes health clinic in Suva, rural clinics in the outer islands and distributed items to diabetic peer groups for health monitoring.”

Diabetes Fiji project manager Viliame Qio said the testing machines would be distributed to disadvantaged young children and also used by the peer support program across Fiji.

Maria J. Book