The Ministry of Health will announce a framework to allow certain CBD products to be registered next year

As more and more countries focus on legalize cannabis and its use, whether recreational or medicalthe question now is whether Malaysia will follow or not.

It looks like we are headed in that direction, as the Ministry of Health has announced that it will soon announce a framework to enable the registration of specific cannabidiol (CBD) products by next year.

According NSTHealth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the framework would be released “sometime this year”, adding that the ministry would invite submissions of CBD product proposals that should be registered.

“The ministry is committed to evidence and science, so that means if science points us in a particular direction, we can’t avoid it.”

“The science (of CBD products) for me… I am convinced. I’m working internally to make sure everyone in the Department of Health is behind this,” he added.

Khairy added that CBD products should not be for self-medication purposes and that they would not be available over the counter and could not be prescribed by a healthcare professional.


Otherwise, training and education of doctors would be needed to ensure they understand the circumstances that allowed the prescription of CBD products.

The National Drug Regulatory Agency (NPRA) would also review product proposals, including assessment of their authenticity and safety and efficacy data products for specific diseases.

“For now, these CBD (products) will only be given on prescription, not for self-consumption or self-medication and especially not for recreational cannabis use. It will be limited to cannabidiol-based products only . »

“I think we are ready. The debate was useful. Next year is a good target,” he added that it was important for the ministry to undertake a cautious approach and review of international practices and scientific data on the use of CBD products.

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However, this would not include the cultivation of cannabis.

“Many have sent in proposals to open cannabis fields, and we are not there yet. We need to register a few products first and look at the reception of doctors and patientsand after that, if the the level of acceptance is high, safe and effectivethen we can think about culture,” Khairy said.

He said that CBD products that would be registered must also undergo human trials and clinical teststhat local universities would conduct.

“When there is more evidence in clinical testing for certain medical conditions, it will expand the use of CBD that our doctors can prescribe.”

Do you think this will be a good decision?

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