Yuvo Health gives federally licensed health centers access to value-based contracts, allowing them to unlock new revenue streams and expand their reach

Collaboration helps target millions living in medically underserved areas

NEW YORK , May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yuvo Healtha leading care delivery and management technology solution for community health centers, today announced that four Federally Licensed Health Centers (FQHCs) have joined the Independent Provider Association (IPA ) of the company: Long Island Select Healthcare, Metropolitan Community Health Centers, Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Centerand Advantage Care Health Centers. Currently, 20 million people live in more than 4,000 medically underserved areas across the country, and these FQHCs will work with Yuvo Health to gain access to value-based contracts that expand their reach, while receiving administrative services to optimize and develop their operations. .

“FQHCs play a critical role in the nation’s healthcare ecosystem, and by partnering with Yuvo Health, they can focus on delivering better care to more members of their community, while optimizing their performance.” and reducing the cost of care,” said Cesar Herrera, CEO and co-founder of Yuvo Health. “We are committed to the historically marginalized communities that FQHC serves, of which our 100% BIPOC founding team was a part, because we know firsthand the transformative power of compassionate care.”

Earlier this year, Yuvo Health announcement a $7.3 million funding round to expand its initial program in the downstate New Yorkdevelop proprietary technology tools and platform and strengthen partnerships with FQHCs globally New York region and beyond. More recently, the company extended its diverse leadership team – 80% of whom are women and more than half are women of color – with future plans to increase the overall team by 200% by the end of the year.

FQHCs that partner with Yuvo Health enjoy the following key benefits:

  1. Access to value-based contracts. With their partners in mind, Yuvo Health contracts directly with health plans, allowing FQHCs to participate in these contracts, most of which would not have been able to qualify on their own.
  2. Delegation of administrative functions. Yuvo Health enables FQHCs to optimize and expand their administrative functions to meet new contract requirements, including patient outreach and engagement, data aggregation and reporting, referral management, and coordination care, risk adjustment, data, quality and risk management and contract administration.
  3. Extended care. In partnership with Yuvo Health, FQHCs can respond more effectively to the growing needs of their communities.

“Our mission is to provide access to comprehensive, quality health care, while respecting the unique abilities and needs of patients throughout their lives,” said Dr. James R. Powell Chairman and CEO of Long Island Select Healthcare, commonly known as LISH. “Yuvo Health opens the doors to contracts we would not otherwise be eligible for, providing us with essential infrastructure to unlock revenue streams from value-based care that would otherwise remain beyond our reach.”

To learn more about working with Yuvo Health, Community Health Centers and Federally Licensed Health Centers can visit here.

About Yuvo Health:
Launched in January 2021Yuvo Health was founded in New York City by an all-BIPOC team with the common goal of bringing equitable, quality care to underserved communities. A team that shares first-hand experience of the impact quality healthcare can have, strives to instill more compassionate care within healthcare systems. Yuvo Health continually proves its innovation and reliability by providing a leading product of contracted administrative and managed care solutions to Federally Licensed Health Centers (FQHC). Yuvo aims to relieve the administrative pressure of FQHCs to allow them to focus entirely on providing quality care to communities in need. While continuing to serve the downstate New York market, Yuvo plans to provide its services through New York, the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. For more information, please visit www.yuvohealth.com.

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