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The ministry of Health brought the case to the Ministry of the Interior following information received from the Ministry of Health on the use of “chlorine dioxide disinfectantas a means of destroying “all viruses and pathogens” and “for the treatment of various diseases” including COVID-19.

The ministry of Health warns that the intake/consumption of chlorine dioxide disinfectant for therapeutic purposes poses a serious risk of damage to human health.

Disinfectants (biocides) cover different classes of products intended for specific uses, for example for the disinfection of hands, surfaces, drinking water, swimming pool water, etc. Disinfectants are not medicines, they are not intended to cure and they do not cure! They are not used for indoor use!

All biocidal products are subject to authorization and are placed on the market when they have been authorized in accordance with the procedure established by the relevant national and European legislation. They must undergo mandatory toxicological and ecotoxicological assessment before being placed on the market. Authorizations are issued for a specific field of application for which a risk assessment has been carried out beforehand.

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Information on the authorized fields of application for each biocidal product is published in the register of authorized biocidal products on the website of the Ministry of Healthat the following Internet address: https://www.mh.government.bg/bg/administrativni-uslugi/registri/

A prerequisite for human protection health The information accompanying each biocidal product (label, brochures, leaflets, advertising media, etc., including accompanying information on biocidal products offered for distance sale) and the description of its use must comply with the conditions of the authorization issued. The opposite is a prerequisite for serious harm to humans health due to misuse.

/Ministry of Health Press release

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