Medicines available in the public sector


Terrence Deyalsingh.

The Ministry of Health said there is no shortage of certain pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items in the public health sector at present.

In a statement, the ministry said the following items were available in the public health sector: methylprednisolone, potassium chloride injections, oxytocin injections, Nimbex, liquid prednisolone, Actemra, adrenaline injections, reagents to perform tests, aerobic and anaerobic blood culture bottles, and Buscopan.

He said that CoAprovel and Bisolvon liquids are not purchased for use in the public health sector and that there are sufficient stocks of drugs used as alternatives to them.

The statement was issued in response to comments from Pharmacy Board Chairman Andrew Rahaman, Medical Association President Dr Vishi Beharry and a pharmacist, published in Sunday’s Newsday.

All said there was a shortage of these drugs, but that didn’t mean alternatives weren’t available.

The article also quotes Health Minister Terrenece Deyalsingh, who said in a virtual press conference on January 8 that the country has never lacked essential medicines for long periods despite the chain problems. global supply.

“At the moment, as things stand,” he said, “there is no major, long-term shortage of anything needed to fight both covid and for the normal health system”,

The ministry statement said it continues to monitor this key area of ​​operations and remains committed to providing optimal health care to its patients and the public.

Maria J. Book