Go says Senate will continue to tackle health care; eyes ‘Super Health Centers’

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go said the Senate will continue deliberations on several proposed measures that improve the delivery of public health services, especially in areas where local communities are constrained by capacity and funds.

Come on, chairman of the Senate Health Committee assured that many hospital bills will be addressed in the coming weeks.

The Senate previously approved 15 Go-sponsored local hospital bills at third and final reading shortly before Congress adjourned from Feb. 5 to May 22.

He noted that the government currently has nearly 3.6 billion pesos of funds available under the 2022 health facility improvement program to build 305 “super health centers”.

To expand access to affordable and comprehensive medical care, a super health center will be built in each region of the country.

The center will provide various services, including laboratory and diagnostic care, pharmaceutical care, birthing units, outpatient services, vaccination services and dental services.

Go also reiterated his call for the passage of Senate Bill No. 2155, a measure he previously introduced for the creation of the Philippines Institute of Virology Science and Technology (VIP).

The goal of VIP is to develop vaccines against potentially deadly viruses. It will serve as the country’s main laboratory by providing virology laboratory investigations, research and technical coordination of the entire network of virology laboratories nationwide.

The senator also reiterated his call for the Senate to pass SBN 2505 which will establish the Philippine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The bill is the consolidated version of an earlier bill he drafted and tabled in 2021.

The CDC will be primarily responsible for protecting Filipinos from health threats. To do this, the proposed center will detect and respond to new and emerging health threats, conduct scientific research and communicate essential health information to the public.

Senate Bill 2155 is currently pending before the Science and Technology Committee while SBN 2505 is scheduled for plenum deliberations

Maria J. Book