The Ministry of Health urges foreign pharmacies to stop deliveries to Russia of drugs containing Russian analogues

The Health Ministry has called on foreign pharmaceutical companies to stop supplying their drugs to Russia, which have analogues of Russian production, First Deputy Health Minister Oleksandr Komarida said.

He explained that the Ministry of Health analyzed the range of drugs of the vast majority of international pharmaceutical companies that supply their products to the Russian Federation, compared it with the range of drugs produced in Russia itself and appealed foreign drug manufacturers. registered in the territory of the Russian Federation with a request to stop the supply of analogous drugs in the territory of the aggressor country.

“Such actions will reduce the income from the sale of medicines in the Russian Federation and, accordingly, the income of the state budget of the Russian Federation, and therefore the possible amount of financing of the war in Ukraine” , did he declare. Interfax-Ukraine.

Komarida also said that the Ministry of Health, together with the National Security and Defense Council and people’s deputies, were working on another important legislative initiative.

The case concerns amendments to the Medicines Act, which provide for the possibility of refusing public registration of a medicine or canceling such registration due to a reduction in the period of validity of a certificate of drug registration.

Refusal or cancellation of registration will occur in the event that, based on the results of the examination and/or examination of the registration documents added to the application for registration by the State, re-registration of the drug or changes to the registration documents for the drug, it turns out that one, several or all stages of production of the drug are carried out by enterprises whose production facilities are located in the territory of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus.

At the same time, according to Komarida, the state registration in Ukraine of medicines (all or selectively determined by the Ministry of Health) of the applicant may be temporarily canceled (the certificate of registration is terminated) if he is established that this claimant or his representative is directly or indirectly associated with business entities that are directly or indirectly involved in the production of medicinal products in the territory of the aggressor state (the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus).

Maria J. Book