From microgreens to self-care: 10 health trends for 2021

These 2021 health trends are taking this year by storm and changing the way we think about health.

Never has there been a year when people have been so dedicated to choosing a healthier option. It’s not only good for people, it’s also good for the environment!

2021 health trends

These 2021 health trends are rapidly gaining popularity and gaining more and more recognition in the United States. Some are new, while others are traditional practices that we are just starting to get started with.

All of these trends are about making better choices, taking better care of your health and mental health, and choosing options that are healthier for you and the planet.

1. Postbiotic

Postbiotic are a by-product of fermentation that goes into probiotics. Scientists are studying their anti-inflammatory properties as well as their antioxidant benefits. They could perhaps increase the immune system naturally as well as improving your intestinal barrier.

2. Mental form

Mental fitness becomes just as important as physical fitness in 2021! The term is meant to embody the idea of ​​becoming mentally fit, which results in better mental health.

Mental health can include therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, or just focusing on mental health. Mental health is very important and has a direct impact on physical health, so this is a trend we should all go along with!

3. Foods created by AI and grown in the lab

AI food was once a dream of the future, but now it’s here and very real!

We have seen human-made foods before, like meat grown in the lab. But now we can also experience other high tech, like plant-based dairy products.

Some brands are now able to replicate the protein found in dairy products, making it easier than ever to create equally good-tasting animal-free options. This allows ice cream brands and any other type of dairy brand to be cruelty-free and dairy-free, without having to sacrifice flavor or texture.

4. Virtual well-being

Virtual wellness is taking off and taking off right now! With the Covid pandemic came the need for more virtual options. It mainly involved health care and work, but now it also includes wellness.

So many classes and virtual experiences have taken off since last year, and virtual wellness is joining the pack. There are plenty of options including breathing and meditation apps, virtual therapy, virtual mental health classes, and more.

Virtual wellness is one of the most popular options for these health trends as people begin to focus more on their wellness and mental health and require accessible and remote options.

5. Kelp

In case you haven’t heard it yet, kelp is now the new kale. It’s one of those health trends that has taken most of us by surprise.

This kind of seaweed is not just packed with minerals, vitamins and nutrients. It is incredibly durable because it does not require any human assistance to grow quickly and easily. It even helps purify the water around it. Make the oceans cleaner and better for marine life here.

There are all kinds of dishes that go well with kelp and create nutritional powerhouses. What was once just a staple in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines is now taking off in America and becoming a normal occurrence in American diets.

6. Microgreens

Microgreens aren’t new, in fact you might have heard of them before. However, they have recently gained in popularity.

Micro-shoots are the young shoots of plants such as carrots or broccoli. Studies have shown that microgreens have a lot more nutrients compared to green vegetables and ripe vegetables.

The tiny sprouts are tender and often with a sharp taste – perfect for salads or as a garnish. What was once not accessible to most is now very easy to find in most grocery stores!

7. Foods that fight against climate change

Food production contributes to climate change in a surprising way. Pesticides, food exports and pollution from factory farms are very damaging to the environment.

This year is all about health trends that produce foods that fight climate change, or at least have a much smaller footprint. This includes sourcing more sustainable options like kelp, eat more whole foods, find more sustainable alternatives, and buy local.

8. Air purification

One great thing that has entered 2021 health trends is air purification for respiratory health.

Because of Covid, the need for purity and security is more important than ever. People have been using gloves, masks, disinfectants, and wipes all year round, but can you do more?

Air purification has become another way to stay safe and keep you and loved ones healthy. Air purifiers have been flying off the shelves as people start to pay attention to their respiratory health.

It’s a trend that shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon!

9. Preventive treatments

Current health trends focus more on treating a current problem, while preventative treatments are aimed at preventing problems from developing in the first place.

This traditional practice has recently started to gain popularity in the West. People are demanding more preventative treatments to maintain health and prevent health problems, instead of waiting for health problems to arise and then treating them.

It has the potential to revolutionize the way we take care of our health!

10. Take care of yourself radically

Take care of yourself radically is another term that has been around lately and is gaining momentum.

This term embodies the idea of ​​taking care of yourself so that you have the capacity to take care of others. It goes beyond the occasional cup of wine or the nighttime bubble bath. Radical self-care is much more holistic and healing focused.

After a year of isolation, fear and stress, radical self-care might be the only way anyone can turn back the clock and restart their mental well-being.

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