Emerging Health Trends in the Post-Pandemic Era: Anti-Additive Clean Label Certification Provides Reassurance and Peace of Mind

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Emerging Health Food Trends During the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually easing, it has already profoundly impacted lives and even awakened people’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle. As most people have been forced to stay home during the outbreak and have enough immunity to fight off the virus, people have started thinking about the food they eat and looking carefully at the ingredient list. on the packaging.

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According to the 2020 IFIC (International Food Information Council) Food and Health Survey, approximately 85% of consumers have changed their diet and food preparation habits due to the pandemic and are particularly interested in labels such as as “natural” and “non-artificial”. “Consumers and food manufacturers have dramatically reduced their demand for artificial additives and are buying “more natural foods with simpler ingredient lists” whenever possible.

Consumers are starting to trace the source of their food and are asking for less and less additives

Clean labels have been a major trend in the food industry over the past decade. The pandemic has pushed this trend to a climax, with consumers seeking trusted health-conscious brands.

According to Innova 2020, 60% of global consumers care about where their food comes from. The FMCG Gurus consumer survey indicates that 74% of consumers consider 100% natural foods and beverages to be important.

In pursuit of the UN SDGs, the Anti Additive Clean Label Organization (AA) has actively developed an “additive-free” certification mechanism in recent years to provide consumers with a better understanding of healthy and less additive products at a stroke. of eye and act as a gatekeeper from food products to pet products and household products. The organization aims to provide the public with safe, additive-free and reliable options with an additive-free certification mechanism.

AA-certified brands meet market health needs with enthusiastic response

Food brands that passed AA certification in 2022 also reflect healthy food trends under the pandemic, especially noodles that can be cooked easily at home, which are also leaning in a healthier direction.

Hao Jing Dao Noodles, produced by Taiwan’s leading food producer, Uni-President Group, is the only noodle brand in the Asia-Pacific region to have been awarded the AA Clean label, the region’s highest honor for certification 100% additive-free, with no flavoring additives or additives to shorten the production process.

The goal of being 100% additive free is achieved by simply using the highest quality single wheat and a short ingredient list with only flour, water and salt. The overwhelming market response, with tens of millions of products sold, proves that consumers are prioritizing food products with “fewer or truly no additives” when shopping.

As health consciousness grows, cleanliness, transparency, and fewer (no) additives will have a significant impact on consumers’ willingness to buy, and an additive-free life will be something to look forward to. the future.

For more information: https://www.anti-a.org/

Maria J. Book