Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit brand riding discovery and health trends in APAC

Seedlip claims to be the very first brand of distilled non-alcoholic spirits and is undoubtedly a pioneer in the adult soft drink sector, and differentiates itself from other players in the industry such as Lyre’s and AF Drinks by avoiding emulation of traditional alcoholic beverages. spirits.

“The adult non-alcoholic beverage industry has now grown to a point where there are broadly two emerging categories – one is where brands are working to emulate traditional spirits, and the other is looking to break down more boundaries. establishing something completely different in terms of product innovation,” Chris Marshall, owner of Seedlip’s official operations partner in Southeast Asia, Distilled, said FoodNavigator-Asia​ at the recent Specialty and Fine Foods Asia (SFFA) show in Singapore.

“Seedlip is one of those who try to break down boundaries, so the goal is not to try to imitate alcoholic drinks, but rather to give consumers a completely different alternative drink and give them a unique experience. using herbs, fruits, spices, etc. .

“In the Asia-Pacific region, there is a very strong trend of new product discovery which is strongly driving consumer purchases, with which products such as this fit very well; and add to that the post-COVID-19 demand for healthier adult beverage options that are alcohol-free and low or sugar-free, and the stars really align for this industry.

Marshall also believes that the rise of this category is proof of how far the beverage industry has evolved, as just a few years ago soft drinks would have been perceived very differently, let alone thrive in a whole new industry.

“When I first started working in the West, there was a lot of stigma associated with being that guy who doesn’t drink alcohol, so usually even people who didn’t want to drink at gatherings were willing to have a beer or two to fit in socially – today non-alcoholic products have definitely evolved to become much more acceptable,”he said.

“Seedlip products are made to be mixed and not to be drunk neat, so they are always served with different mixers like a mocktail, and it looks like an ordinary cocktail which ensures that consumers abstaining from alcohol have this additional option in a cocktail bar.

“In fact, the product has come so far that we have a whole cocktail recipe book based on Seedlip products, allowing the bartender to offer a wide range of cocktails at the bar, or the consumer to make their own cocktails at home. no matter what, their taste buds are searching.

Seedlip comes in three variations – Garden, which is made with peas, hops, hay and other ingredients you might find in an English country garden; Grove, which is its citrus blend and offers a very gin and tonic experience; and Spice which contains the heaviest botanicals in the range with the scents of cassia bark, cardamom, clove and more.

Other occasions for soft drinks

Marshall also pointed out that the company has made it a mission to disassociate its products from the term “mocktail”, given that mocktails such as Shirley Temples are not the image the brand wants to convey.

“Many mocktails today are sweet and sickly, and Seedlip is anything but – today’s traditional mocktails will certainly not be the future of the beverage industry as health demands and awareness are growing, but we see products like Seedlip evolving for that”,he said.

“There are of course those consumers who need to avoid alcohol for critical reasons such as pregnancy, medication or maybe even an interview the next day – again our aim is to make sure they don’t end up not by being the odd one out socially, and can drink without drinking per se, so they can still join gatherings at a cocktail bar with these mocktails – not alcohol-free – without feeling left out.

Maria J. Book